DevSecOps Engineer


As a DevSecOps Engineer at Baton, you will be responsible for providing leadership and implementing company’s cybersecurity objectives in areas such as:

  • PEN testing & vulnerability scanning, 
  • SOC 2 audits, 
  • coordinate with vCISO vendor,
  • both internal and customer-initiated security reviews,  
  • maintenance of SIEM platform, 
  • hardening infrastructure and the network, 
  • automation of periodic tasks related to security 
  • running security training, and 
  • maintenance of antivirus solutions. 

You are a problem solver who will work with other engineering team members to harden the applications and cloud environment built on AWS, help build security practices and processes to ensure regulatory compliances such as SOC2, and guard the production systems and the company against cybersecurity threats.

You will have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, and have at least 2-3 years of experience working full-time as a DevSecOps or Cybersecurity Engineer.


Must Have Skills

  • Experience working in similar capacity, preferably in a public cloud infrastructure environment.
  • Experience working in security or related compliant frameworks such as SOC 2 Type 2 and engaging in annual audits.
  • Have security certifications such as CISM, CISSP etc.
  • Knowledge of Linux operating systems, networking concepts and tools available on Linux and security aspects related to those.
  • Basic knowledge of Java platform, RDBMS and AWS.
  • Experience working on at least one SIEM platform or specialized security monitoring tools.
  • Knowledge of anti-virus solutions on various operating systems, both consumer and server side.
  • Basic knowledge of issue tracking tools like Jira and source code control systems like Git.
  • Thorough knowledge of SSL certificates, key management systems, and SSL based tools.

Good to have Skills

  • Experience with security AWS security services such as Inspector and Guard Duty.
  • Experience setting up and maintaining AWS VPN.
  • Experience building VPN servers using strongSwan.
  • Knowledge of secret management services and tools such as Vault and AWS Secrets Manager. 
  • Knowledge of microservices and related security topics.
  • Experience devising and rolling out periodic security training.
  • Experience automating routine tasks related to security or infrastructure, using scripts or leveraging product features or a combination of both.
  • Knowledge of popular security blogs, newsletters and other online resources and a track record of contributing to those or compiling information available on such forums for hardening the infrastructure that you are responsible for protecting.

Bonus Points

Successful DevSecOps Engineers at Baton will ..

  • Be leaders who can motivate themselves and a team around them to excel and perform well.
  • Hire only the best, push themselves and others to excellence while still having fun.
  • Be result oriented and extremely driven to the success of the customer and the team.
  • Realize in a startup the journey is as important as the destination. 
  • Ability to enjoy the journey is important
  • Geographically dispersed data centers deployments.

About Baton Systems

Baton Systems is a leading silicon valley FinTech company that is building the next generation solutions for Capital Markets. Baton builds a SaaS based platform for clearing, settlement and back office solutions.


About Baton People

We are on a mission to change how money moves in capital markets. We have very seasoned and successful team that has worked on several successful startups before.

We are looking for seasoned engineering professionals who are highly technical and can grow a team of up to 15 people over the next 18 months. It is important at this early stage that the person be very hands on and can implement complex replication and distributed system protocols.