Introducing Baton Systems

Baton is our new brand. Known previously as Ubixi, Baton reflects our mission to pass speed and efficiencies on to all market participants, helping connect the industry and drive faster payments.

Accelerate your payments

Take advantage of the fastest, on-demand and secure clearing and settlement platform.

Baton Systems provides the leading payments infrastrastructure across the capital markets.

Control your capital

Reduce costs, eliminate pre-funding and gain control of your assets across the transaction cycle.

Integrate into your existing systems

Baton works with your infrastructure for minimal disruption and full regulatory compliance

Streamline your payments world

Regulation and technology have increased the pressure to deliver timely and accurate payments. Meanwhile, operational complexity and increased compliance requirements are challenging traditional payment models. In this fast-moving world, it’s time for a faster, safer and more efficient solution. It’s time for Baton.

A new way forward

Baton enables your firm to clear and settle all asset classes and currencies — on-demand and in real-time. All participants on the Baton network have real-time visibility into funds flow using the distributed shared permissioned ledger. We act as the gateway between bank ledgers – regardless of the disparate technology and systems in place – for real-time reconciliation without manual intervention, using industry standard protocols and well proven integration practices.


Systems connect smoothly. Payments accelerate. Capital flows.

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The Baton Difference



Baton enables on-demand transactions in real time so that capital moves as fast as your firm desires.



We connect the industry, working with any system to establish a fast and compliant payment gateway.



Our multi-tier system (MTS) architecture supports client-side security requirements, ensuring a trusted solution for all parties.

Unique technology for efficient transactions

Baton’s patented technology provides the fastest settlement in the industry. Concerned about implementation and compatibility? By working within your current infrastructure, launching Baton’s solutions and seeing results takes a matter of weeks, not several months.

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